Best Roulette System

Martingale: The Classic System
The Martingale system is one of the most famous and popular strategies, thanks to the very simple and easy way you use it. It involves betting on simple chances only (e.g. red/black) and starting with a relatively small bet size. If you lose a bet, then you double your stake in the next game. As soon as you win, you will have won back all your previous losses, plus, you will make a small profit, equal to the size of the original bet. As you are betting on simple chances, you have an almost 50:50 chance of winning, so it seems easy to win over just a few games. You should preferably play European or French Roulette.

The Fibonacci Sequence
Another progressive system that is used in roulette is the Fibonacci system. As the name implies, it involves the use of the Fibonacci numbers. As with the Martingale strategy, this system can be used on simple chances only. The way it works is when you lose a bet, your next bet will be the sum of the previous 2 bets. The progression of the bets is therefore much slower than with the previous system, and therefore you can survive longer losing streaks. However, one drawback is that when you get a win, you only get back the money from the previous 2 bets.

D’Alembert System
This system is named after the French mathematician and philosopher Jean Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert. The progression here rises very slowly. For example, if you bet £1, each time you lose, you increase the bet by £1. At the same time, you decrease your bet by £1 after each win. If you make it back to the original bet amount, then your profit is the amount of the starting bet multiplied by the amount of wins.

Playing the Numbers
Here players bet on single numbers that have not made an appearance in a while. The idea behind this is that if some numbers have not been drawn in a while, then they are overdue, and more likely to win. This practice assumes that these numbers must occur at some point to fulfil the “law of large numbers” (the equal distribution of all numbers over a very large number of games). These so called overdue numbers are also referred to as retardaires.

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